Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SymPy Plot: First Screenshot of Labeled Axes

Good thing a picture is worth 10**3 words; I'm burnt out. Among other things, it took me way too long to figure out how to automatically position the axis labels after camera rotations. It still isn't perfect. I also need to add in grid lines. I need a break, I've been coding for a nearly unbroken week.


Ondrej Certik said...

It's impressive! Keep going. :)

I just commited a line into the plotting.py example, so that it shows axes.

Jason G said...

Great Job Brian. Take a break, you need one. Also, things are still not working in my VM. This is the error I get:

Window Event Loop Error: 'PlotWindow' object has no attribute '_glx_1_3'

So it seems like I have something missing (the GLX libraries? Although I thought I had those installed but maybe they don't work properly in a VM). Any suggestions because I'd like to give it a try again!