Monday, July 2, 2007

SymPy Plot: Mouse Support

Now in SVN. Left-click controls rotation, right-click controls zoom. Eventually I want to change it so that right-click controls translation and middle-scroll controls zoom. Right now this does not seem to be possible, because the scroll wheel is not supported by GLUT's mouse handler. I'm looking into it.

Although it has been a while, I never mentioned that basis vectors were added. They still need some tweaking. Also 'q' is added as a quit key.

Right now I'm at a family reunion for the 4th of July holiday. Each summer, my extended family meets for a week to act out our own miniaturized take on Burning Man. FYI, my contract delivery went well on Thursday. However, I'm not quite off the hook yet as I had speculated; it turns out they need additional work.

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Ondrej Certik said...

Works nice. BTW, wouldn't it be better if by pressing keys "wasd" the graph would move continously, instead of moving a little, then wait and then start moving continuously, like when you type on the keyboard?