Monday, April 30, 2007

GEB Reading Schedule

Here's the schedule I've come up with for reading and discussing GEB. Page numbers refer to the 20th-anniversary Edition. You can also add the google calendar.

2007-05-14 Introduction (30 pages)
2007-05-21 Chapter 1-3 (49 pages)
2007-05-28 Chapter 4 (45 pages)
2007-06-04 Chapter 5 (31 pages)
2007-06-11 Chapter 6-7 (46 pages)
2007-06-18 Chapter 8-9 (81 pages)
2007-06-25 Chapter 10 (52 pages)
2007-07-02 Chapter 11-12 (69 pages)
2007-07-09 Chapter 13 (32 pages)
2007-07-16 Chapter 14-15 (57 pages)
2007-07-23 Chapter 16 (64 pages)
2007-07-30 Chapter 17 (35 pages)
2007-08-06 Chapter 18 (47 pages)
2007-08-13 Chapter 19 (43 pages)
2007-08-20 Chapter 20 (58 pages)


Tart said...
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will said...

I think you might find that reading GEB on a schedule may be difficult. There are some chapters in GEB that require re-reading and contemplation before you should move on.

If you find your schedule is forcing you to rush in any way, I'd ditch the schedule.

Brian Jorgensen said...

Will: I believe you. I'd never read the book before, and since I've read the first few sections I've basically come to the same conclusion.

In honesty, the "book club" is mainly conceived as a motivation for me to read. If I inspire anyone else to read along, so be it.

Aluink said...

are those dates due dates or dates to start reading a section?

Martin Harrigan said...

A nice tidbit from the introduction: Every adjective is either 'self-descriptive' (e.g. pentasyllabic or awkwardnessful) or 'non-self-descriptive' (e.g. edible or incomplete).
Which is the adjective 'non-self-descriptive'?

You can replace the word 'self-descriptive' with the synonym `autological' and 'non-self-descriptive' with the synonym 'heterological' in the above question.