Wednesday, May 23, 2007

GSoC Book Club: Format and a Challenge

If you aren't reading GEB with us by now, you just might be the only one! I've gotten quite a few questions and comments about the format of the book club, so let's set a few things straight:

First, each date on the schedule represents the start of the week in which the specified chapter will be discussed. I've updated the Google calendar to reflect this by making each chapter extend a week. Originally, I assumed putting each chapter on one day would look less cluttered for someone importing the calendar, but I think it was more confusing than helpful.

Secondly, the schedule is designed to pace the reader to finish by the end of summer. If you don't follow it, great! Still visit now and then and add your thoughts. You can comment on anything at any time, with one exception: don't give any spoilers for puzzles, riddles, etc.

Several people have also asked about the format of discussions. I decided against a web forum or weekly IRC chat for two reasons: chances are it would be underutilized in the long run, and we already have the GSoC blog community, which I feel to be a great discussion medium. The central place to begin discussions will be my weekly blogs, but it is my hope that discussion will branch out to your blog as well.

...which brings me to the GSoC Book Club 2007 Challenge: at some point during the summer, choose a section or idea that you really liked or were affected by, and blog it! I look forward to reading and linking to your GEB-related posts!

In case you haven't noticed, I'm not planning on posting about the chapters on Monday morning of each week. In general, I hope to post at least once a week on something from the assignment, but with so many interesting things going on this summer, it might take me a few days.

One final note. Last week, I initially posted the wrong assignment for this week. Just in case you missed the correction, chapters one, two, and three are relatively short, so we're reading all three of them this week. Sorry for any confusion.

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